Running on Empty

On my drive to work on Saturday morning, I was literally running on empty.  With the fuel light on, I was racing the clock, trying to cram as much as I could into the little time that I had before my morning group at the treatment center.  Fortunately, during group I was able to slow down and be present for others.  It was a beautiful spring day and we had group outside.  I even made some art!  But alas, after work I was back to the grind.  I had just a little time left to refuel the car and then my stomach.  I ate as I drove to get yet another errand done before I had to report back home to my primary job at home as Mommy.

Running on empty…this is a chronic condition we all battle, especially helping professionals.  Once we get our work done, THEN we can rest and relax, right? But the problem is, our work and responsibilities are never ending! We defer self-care for when when we have more time, energy, resources, etc.  But the reality is that this time rarely comes UNLESS we schedule it.

So we are chronically running on empty and not making time for self-care.  We can beat ourselves up about this or we can accept it and work with it.  One gift of being empty is that we have the choice to fill ourselves up with what we really want.   What do you want?  I want a weekly sabbath, a dedicated time for me to slow down and focus on my own self-care.  I want to make more art for myself.  I want to reconnect with other helping professionals who are struggling with this very same issue and create a healing, creative place where acceptance, support, and inspiration happen.  Wanna join me?

I’m excited to announce that this summer I am launching REFUEL:  A Support Group for Helping Professionals to Strengthen Self-Care Practices.  It is a filling station for the overworked and costs much less than a tank of gas.   It meets six Wednesdays this summer from 10-11:30 at my office in North Central Austin.  It is an open group, so you can come for one session or attend all six.  Please pre-register to secure your spot (each group is capped at 6).