Taking Care of Ourselves

 “I’ve known many people who have spent years exercising daily, getting massages, doing yoga, faithfully following one food or vitamin regimen after another, pursuing spiritual teachers and different styles of meditation, all in the name of taking care of themselves. Then something bad happens to them and all those years don’t seem to have added up to the inner strength and kindness for themselves that they need to relate with what’s happening. And they don’t add up to being able to help other people or the environment.

When taking care of ourselves is all about me, it never gets at the unshakable tenderness and confidence that we’ll need when everything falls apart. When we start to develop . . . unconditional acceptance of ourselves, then we’re really taking care of ourselves in a way that pays off. We feel more at home with our own bodies and minds and more at home in the world. As our kindness for ourselves grows, so does our kindness for other people.”

-Pema Chodron, Taking The Leap (2009)

This quote gets to the heart of why I am leading  REFUEL:  A Support Group for Helping Professionals to Strengthen Self-Care Practices.   I am creating a filling station for the over-worked helping professional.  Each week we check in, make art and then process it together.  As a result, we feel  heard, valued, and truly refueled for the challenges ahead.  Come join us!  The next three groups are:  July 11, 18, and 25.  The cost is much less than a massage or even a tank of gas.